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Understanding the roles and functions of an independent Health insurance agent

Insurance is a complicated field with numerous jargon, fine print, and a lack of consumer knowledge. These factors and the multitude of choices make the policy purchase process daunting.

This is where an agent showcases their expertise and knowledge in helping customers choose the best policy for their needs, clarifies the jargon, demystifies the fine print, and educates the customer about the policies and insurance.

But what are they, what are the pros and cons of working with them, and what are their roles and functions? Let’s find out.

Who is an insurance agent?

An independent insurance agent is a licensed professional selling insurance policies directly to the customer. Like any other insurance agent, an independent agent listens to the customer’s needs, understands their pain points and requirements, showcases their policies, suggests the best policies based on their needs, and offers financial advice.

An independent agent, however, unlike their counterpart, exclusive or captive agents are not beholden to any particular insurer. They are free to sell policies from any insurer they are affiliated with. This allows independent agents to have a much more extensive set of policies to offer customers and provide a more dedicated plan for niche situations.

What are the pros and cons of working with an independent health insurance agent?

There are several pros and cons of working with an independent insurance agent; these are some of the critical factors to consider.

Pros Cons
They have a much more extensive portfolio of policies they can offer their customers. They might not be as reliable as an exclusive agent who works primarily for a single insurer like Niva Bupa or Tata AIG.
They have a lot of knowledge about the industry and the needs of various customers. They may not be as knowledgeable as an exclusive agent regarding knowledge of a particular policy or insurer.
They provide personalised services for each individual.
They offer continued support when a customer faces an inconvenience or needs advice.

What are the roles and functions of an independent insurance agent?

Although an insurance agent’s primary role is to generate new business for the insurance providers they are affiliated with, they take up several other roles and functions during their career.

These are some of them:

1. Assessing customer’s needs

An agent must first listen to and understand the customer’s needs. Additionally, if they are dealing with groups of individuals for group medical insurance, they need to consider the collective needs of the group before suggesting a policy.

2. Showcasing various policies

They must showcase the policies they provide based on these needs and requirements.

3. Providing expert advice

Agents must also provide expert advice, suggest relevant and beneficial policies to the customer, help clarify policy details, etc.

4. Tailoring insurance solutions

Unlike a POS agent, an insurance agent can tailor policies to the customer’s needs. They can offer a combination of policies to provide more comprehensive coverage based on the customers’ needs.

5. Offering financial advise

An agent in insurance can offer financial advice to help a customer fit a policy in their budget or suggest a different policy.

6. Assisting with the purchase process

Agents also help customers through the policy purchase process and complete the sale.

7. Unravelling the claims process

They also help the customer understand the claims process and guide them when necessary.


Consulting with an agent can make your insurance purchase process much more convenient and fruitful, offering you the peace of mind and confidence to get the right policy for your needs. However, every agent is an individual; some might be communicative and upfront, while others might be more subject-specific and need more push to get information. This is why it is essential to understand the roles and functions, pros and cons, how they can help you, and what you can expect from them.

So, work with the right insurance agent to get the best policy for your needs and live your life to the fullest with confidence.

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