Benefits of outsourcing SOC

24/7 Monitoring and Response

When you outsource SOC, you will get continuous monitoring of your cybersecurity. This helps to reduce the risk of incidents since there is a higher chance of them being detected early. The professionals can then quickly get into defense mode to reduce the severity of the breach.

Access to Expertise

You can outsource your SOC to an experienced team to ensure the highest level of expertise. They stay on top of the latest cyber vulnerabilities, threats and security technologies. You will not have to constantly recruit and train your own team when you outsource this element of your organization.

Advanced Threat Detection

When you use outsourced SOC, you will have access to a full suite of the latest resources related to cybersecurity. They use artificial intelligence, advanced threat detection tools and machine learning to find and explore different security threats. Due to the wealth of technology and expertise they have, they are better able to detect evolving and sophisticated cyber threats that an in-house team could potentially miss.

Compliance Management

A lot of regulatory bodies and industries have very strict cybersecurity compliance requirements. Many SOCs that are outsourced specialize in compliance management. This helps to ensure that they meet all of the needed regulations and standards. All of this aids with maintaining the trust of your stakeholders and clients, as well as helps your organization to avoid legal repercussions.

Cost Savings

When you have to create and maintain an SOC in-house, it requires major investments in technology, personnel, infrastructure and training. Outsourcing means that you pay the associated fee and that is generally all you have to worry about. This will save you money while ensuring that you have the best cybersecurity possible for your organization.

Flexibility and Scalability

You can tailor the SOC services that you outsource to your organization’s specific size and needs. As your security requirements or organization size changes, it is relatively easy to either scale up or down so that you always have the appropriate level of services. Cybersecurity is constantly evolving and outsourcing SOC gives you a strategic advantage in this landscape. It provides a scalable, expert-driven and cost-effective solution to aid in your organization’s defense against cyber threats. By outsourcing SOC, you can free up resources to work on other organization objectives while simultaneously enhancing overall security. 

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