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How to Delete Your Pixiv Account in 2023

Pixiv is an online community for artist who wants to share their artworks and creative ideas with the world. Although Pixiv is based in Japan and the primary language of this platform is Japanese, it is used by hundreds of users worldwide. If you are already a user of Pixiv but don’t want to use this platform anymore, and want to delete your account, then you can do that as well.

If you are looking for the steps to delete your Pixiv account, then you just have come to the right place. In this guide, we have described how you can easily delete your Pixiv account from the Pixiv website. We have described the step-by-step guide to do that easily. So, just follow the guide below, and you’ll be able to delete your account without any issues. You can also read about deleting Strava account.

Why Delete Pixiv Account?

There could be several reasons why users might want to delete your account from this platform. Below, we have described some of the common reasons to delete your account from this community of artists.

  • If you are not using Pixiv for a long time, and don’t want to use the platform anymore, then you can choose to delete your account.
  • If you have moved to an alternative to Pixiv, and don’t want to keep your account on Pixiv, then you can choose to delete your account.
  • If you have privacy issues and don’t want to share your data with them, then you can choose to delete your account.
  • If you are receiving spam emails from them, and want to stop receiving emails, then you can delete your account.

No matter what the reason is, below, we have described the steps to delete your account from this platform. You can just follow the steps below, and delete your account.

How to Delete Pixiv Account Permanently?

Deleting your Pixiv account is really easy. You can use their website to delete your account. There’s a dedicated account deleting page available on Pixiv. So, you can delete your account from there.

Note: Once your Pixiv account is deleted, you can’t register with the same Pixiv ID. Also, all your bookmarks and works will be deleted from their server. So, you won’t get your works uploaded to Pixiv once your delete your account.

  1. First of all, visit the Pixiv account deleting page in your browser.
  2. Then, sign in with the Pixiv account you want to delete.
  3. After that, check and tick the disclaimer and then click on the “Leave Pixiv” button.
  4. Enter your account password and then proceed.
  5. That’s it. Your account deletion request will be submitted. They’ll send a confirmation email regarding your account deletion.

Once your account is completely deleted, all your data will be removed from their server.


So, I hope you liked this guide about deleting your Pixiv account. If you did, then you can share this guide on your social media platforms. Just use the share buttons below to share this guide. If you have any questions or queries, you can ask in the comment section below. You can also provide your feedback in the comment section.

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