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Why Won’t Instagram Let Me Unfollow People? [2024]

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for sharing photos and videos. On Instagram, you can follow other people to see their posts. However, when you feel that you don’t want to see the posts of specific users, you can unfollow them as well. But, many Instagram users often complain that they are not able to unfollow on Instagram. Instagram won’t let them unfollow after a certain time.

If you are facing the same issue on Instagram, and want to fix it, then you just have come to the right place. In this guide, we have described why Instagram Won’t let you unfollow users on the platform and how you can fix this issue. We also have described the potential reasons why this issue happens with Instagram sometimes. So, you can read this guide till the end if you want to solve this. You can also read about fixing Instagram says I have message but I don’t issue.

Why Instagram Won’t Let Me Unfollow?

There can be different reasons why this issue happens with Instagram. Below, we have described some of the common reasons behind this issue.

Unfollow Limit

On Instagram, there’s a limit of unfollowing users. For example, if you try to unfollow more than 100 people one by one, then it might hit the limit. It can happen when you try to unfollow several users in a short period. The reason behind this is, that when you try to follow several users at one time, Instagram might consider you as a bot or spammer. So, because of the unfollow limit, you can face this issue on Instagram.

App Bug & Technical Glitches

Sometimes, it can also be the app bug that you are facing this issue. If there’s an issue with the Instagram app, or if the app has bugs or glitches, then you can face this issue on Instagram. So, this could be a reason.

Account Ban or Under Review

If your Instagram account is banned or under review, then you might not be able to unfollow users. So, this could be a reason as well.

3rd Party Apps

If you are using a 3rd party Instagram MOD app or an app to unfollow users in bulk, then this can happen as well. If you use a 3rd party app to perform tasks on Instagram, it’ll consider it spam or bot activity.

How to Fix Instagram Won’t Let Me Unfollow Users?

1. Try the Next Day

If you have unfollowed several Instagram users one by one in a short period, then it might hit the unfollow limit.

In that case, you can try the next day once the limit is reset. Instagram allows a particular number of users to unfollow per day. So, just try the next day and it might fix the issue.

2. Update App

If you are using an outdated version of the Instagram app, then it might get bugs and glitches. So, just update it to the latest version and check if it works.

Just open the Google Play Store or App Store on your device and check if there’s an update available for the Instagram app. If available, then you can update it to the latest version and check if it’s working.

3. Use the Official Instagram App

If you are using an unofficial version or 3rd party version of the Instagram app, then it can cause Instagram won’t let you unfollow issues. So, you need to use the official Instagram app, and then try to unfollow users. This might help you to fix the issue.

4. Contact Support

If any of the above solutions aren’t working for you, then you can contact Instagram support and ask them to fix the issue. Just contact them through the app or send an email to Instagram support, and explain the issue to customer support. They’ll help you to fix the issue.


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