Is Payday 2 Crossplay

Is Payday 2 Crossplay in 2024?

Payday 2, a popular cooperative first-person shooter, has garnered a significant following since its release. The game’s appeal lies in its strategic, team-based heists that require coordination and skill. As gaming evolves, the demand for crossplay features has surged, allowing players on different platforms to join forces. In this article, we’ll share whether Payday 2 supports crossplay in 2024, providing you with the latest information and insights.

Is Payday 2 Crossplay?

Payday 2 is available on various platforms, including Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, Linux, and Nintendo Switch. However, the game’s crossplay capabilities are somewhat limited and vary between platforms.

Within the PlayStation ecosystem, crossplay is supported between PS3, PS4, and PS5. This means players using any of these consoles can join forces for heists. Similarly, within the Xbox ecosystem, crossplay is available between Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X. This allows players on different generations of Xbox consoles to team up seamlessly.

When it comes to PC, crossplay is supported between Steam and Epic Games Store users. This integration is beneficial for PC players who purchase the game from different digital storefronts. However, the game does not support crossplay between PC and other consoles like PlayStation or Xbox.

Nintendo Switch and Linux users are also excluded from crossplay features, limiting their ability to join games with players on other platforms. These restrictions can be attributed to the technical challenges and varying development cycles across different hardware.

In summary, while Payday 2 offers some crossplay capabilities, they are confined within specific ecosystems. PlayStation and Xbox users can enjoy crossplay within their respective platforms, and PC players can team up across different stores. Unfortunately, there is no cross-platform play between different hardware types, such as PC and consoles, or consoles and Nintendo Switch.

Cross-Progression in Payday 2

Cross-progression, also known as cross-save, allows players to transfer their game progress across different platforms. This feature is incredibly beneficial for gamers who want to switch between different devices without losing their progress. In Payday 2, cross-progression support is somewhat limited but available on certain platforms.

Payday 2 supports cross-progression between Windows, Linux, and macOS through the Steam platform. This means that if you play on a Windows PC and later decide to switch to a Linux machine, your progress, including character upgrades and unlocked items, will carry over seamlessly. This feature enhances flexibility and convenience, allowing players to enjoy the game on their preferred operating system without starting from scratch.

However, cross-progression does not extend to consoles. For instance, if you play Payday 2 on a PlayStation console, your progress will not transfer if you switch to an Xbox or vice versa. Similarly, progress made on a PC will not carry over to a console. This limitation can be frustrating for players who own multiple gaming systems and wish to continue their game on a different platform.

Will There be Crossplay in Payday 2?

The future of crossplay in Payday 2 is a topic of much speculation and anticipation among the gaming community. As of 2024, there have been no official announcements from Overkill Software or Starbreeze Studios indicating plans to introduce full crossplay support in Payday 2. Despite the growing demand and the success of crossplay in other popular games, Payday 2 remains limited to platform-specific multiplayer experiences.

However, the gaming industry is constantly evolving, and developers are increasingly recognizing the value of crossplay in enhancing player engagement and satisfaction. The introduction of crossplay in Payday 2 would significantly broaden the game’s appeal, allowing players on different platforms to team up for heists. This could potentially rejuvenate the game’s player base and extend its longevity.


Is Payday 2 cross-platform between PC and consoles?

No, Payday 2 does not support cross-platform play between PC and consoles. Players on PC cannot team up with those on PlayStation or Xbox. This limitation is due to technical differences and development challenges across these platforms.

Can I play Payday 2 with friends on different platforms?

You can play with friends only if you are on the same platform or within the same ecosystem. For instance, PlayStation players (PS3, PS4, PS5) can play together, and Xbox players (Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X) can team up. However, there is no crossplay between different ecosystems like PlayStation and Xbox or PC and consoles.

Does Payday 2 support cross-progression?

Payday 2 supports cross-progression only on PC through the Steam platform. This means that progress made on a Windows PC can be carried over to Linux or macOS, but not to consoles or between consoles. This feature helps maintain game progress across different operating systems on PC.

Will Payday 2 ever support full crossplay?

As of now, there are no official plans from Overkill Software to introduce full crossplay in Payday 2. However, the community continues to express a strong desire for this feature. Future updates or new game releases like Payday 3 might include crossplay, but this remains speculative until confirmed by the developers.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Payday 2 is an exciting and challenging game that offers a unique blend of strategy and action. However, its crossplay capabilities in 2024 remain limited. Players can enjoy crossplay within the same platform ecosystems, such as PlayStation and Xbox, but not across different systems. PC players using Steam and Epic Games Store can team up, but this does not extend to console users.

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