Promotional Umbrellas – 5 Design Tips 

In today’s overcrowded marketplace, it is essential to have promotional products that stand out. Promotional umbrellas are perfect for carrying your logo or brand message even when it isn’t raining. 

However, before you begin handing out promotional umbrellas to consumers and clients, you must spend some time to ensure that they are properly designed and made of the right materials. 

In this blog, we’re going to provide you with some exceptional tips to design the perfect promotional umbrellas.

1. Prioritize Functionally

When it comes to design personalized umbrellas for promotional purposes, prioritize functionality. That involves selecting a durable umbrella that can resist strong winds and rain. If you’re giving them away at an outdoor event, make sure they are UV-protected. 

And, of course, ensure that they open and close smoothly; no one wants to deal with a difficult-to-open-&-close umbrella while trying to stay dry.

2. Don’t Be Crazy with Customization

An effective logo for a brand prominently displayed on its products, such as umbrellas. However, you don’t have to go overboard with personalization. Keep it simple and easy to read, and make sure the colors you use complement your brand. 

When choosing the size of your umbrella, keep your brand in mind as well. You want it to be noticeable but not so enormous that it becomes overwhelming.

3. Keep It Practical

When designing promotional umbrellas, you need to keep a few factors in mind to ensure that your design is practical.

  • First, evaluate the umbrella’s size. You want it to be large enough to give coverage but not excessively large to carry. 
  • Second, consider the fabric to use. It should be sturdy and water-resistant in order to withstand inclement weather. 
  • Third, select an eye-catching color or pattern. Make your umbrellas stand out so that others will notice them. 
  • Finally, don’t ignore the details. Think about adding a company logo or slogan on your umbrellas to make them stand out.

4. Know Diverse Uses for High-Quality Promotional Products

To be sure you’re getting the best deal on your promotional umbrellas, it’s a good idea to acquire multiple estimates. Here are some pointers to get you going:

  • Get quotes from three or more different vendors.
  • Get quotes for comparable products with comparable features, and make sure you compare apples to apples.
  • Think about the quote in its entirety, not just the price. Important considerations include customer service, production time, and quality.
  • Request references, then get in touch with them.
  • Before placing your order, make sure everything is in writing from the source you’ve chosen.
  • When comparing pricing, be sure to include shipping costs. Finally, do not be scared to negotiate.

5. Never Forget the Handle

When designing promotional umbrellas, don’t forget to consider the handle! Many people focus on the canopy, forgetting that the handle is also significant. Selecting the perfect outdoor umbrella for your business – made of comfortable materials, are easy to hold and have a good grip, depending on its size. 

You can also customize the handle to add more quality, functionality, and a cool message. Some excellent suggestions include using light or dark hardwoods, sponges, or rubber to make the handle as comfortable as possible. Do not let the handle undo all of your hard work!

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