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How to Fix Can’t Delete Tinder Account in 2023

Tinder is one of the most popular dating platforms worldwide. There are millions of users who use Tinder in their daily life. However, many people also want to take a break from Tinder and delete their accounts. But, when they try to delete their account from the Tinder app, it might show “Couldn’t delete the account, there was a problem deleting your Tinder account”. Because of this, the Tinder user can’t delete their account.

If you are facing the same issue on Tinder while deleting your account, then you just have come to the right place. In this guide, we have described how you can fix the can’t delete Tinder account issue easily and delete your Tinder account successfully. We have described some of the reasons below why you might face this issue on Tinder and described the methods to fix it. So, you can just follow the guide below to delete your account easily without any issues. You can also read about the Tinder account under review issue.

Why Can’t I Delete My Tinder Account?

There could be several reasons why Tinder won’t let you delete your account. This could be your account issue or an issue from Tinder as well.

Your Account is Shadowbanned

If your Tinder account is shadowbanned, or under review, and you are trying to delete your Tinder account, then it won’t let you delete your account. For various reasons, Tinder can shadowban your account.

And when they do that, you won’t be able to delete the account until they lift the ban. If you have violated the terms and conditions of Tinder, then they can shadowban your account or put your account under review. So, this can be one of the reasons why you are facing issues deleting your Tinder account.

Tinder Bug or Glitch

You can also face this issue due to an internal glitch or bug from the Tinder app. If there are issues with the Tinder server, and you are trying to delete your account at that time, then you can face this issue.

Many users have reported this issue with deleting their Tinder accounts. So, this can be a bug from Tinder’s end and because of that, you can face the issue on your Tinder account.

Connection Issue

Although the chances are less, you can face this issue when deleting your Tinder account because of the Internet connection you are using. If you are using a connection that is not stable, and Tinder isn’t able to connect to their server properly, then this problem can happen. So, the Internet connection you are using can be one of the reasons why you are facing the issue.

How to Fix Tinder Won’t Let Me Delete Account?

Below, we have described some methods to fix this issue when deleting your Tinder account. So, you can follow the methods and see which one is working for you.

1. Contact Tinder Support

The best thing you can do when you face this issue when deleting your Tinder account is, you can contact Tinder support and ask them for help. Tinder already has an option to report problems when you can’t delete your account. So, follow the process below to do that.

  1. First of all, open the Tinder support page from here.
  2. Then, choose the “Trouble with account login” option from the dropdown menu.
  3. After that, choose the “I can’t delete my account” option.
  4. Provide the email address associated with your Tinder account, and the phone number associated with your account, and describe that you are unable to delete your account.

That’s it. Just submit the support form, and you’ll get a reply from Tinder about fixing the issue.

2. Reinstall Tinder

You can also try reinstalling the Tinder app on your device and see if it’s working. Just uninstall the existing version of Tinder from your device and download the latest version of Tinder on your device. Then, check if you are able to delete your account. If there are issues or bugs on the Tinder app, reinstalling it will help you to fix the issue. So, just reinstall the app, and check if it fixes the issue.

3. Check the Internet Connection

You can also check whether your Internet connection is working properly or not. Because of the Internet connection, you can face this issue as well. So, just check the connection and see if it fixes the issue.


It could be frustrating when you want to delete your account from this platform but it won’t let you delete your account. However, you can follow the above methods and fix this issue with Tinder easily. If you have any questions or queries, you can ask in the comment section below. You can also provide your feedback in the comment section.

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